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11-12-2007 Newsletter
Kiwanis Knews:

After a rousing rendition of God Bless America, led in double time by Jim Coltrin, the meeting began.

Ross Andrews reminded us that "God made us special"

President Whitesel reminded us to feed the "good wolf inside us all".

Pam Husecker is planning to join the club and then, and only then, will she enjoy the "BOLD" listing in the newsletter. Membership has its privileges.

Armed with these uplifting pronouncements, the club learned about Melanie Willis and her satisfaction dealing with the students in the LFO Keyclub. They will be helping us in the Christmas Parade passing out candy (no more throwing allowed). The Key club enjoyed their work with the golf tournament and have started their Food Drive.

Seen at LFO High School this week along with Melanie were Bradley Chambers and Britt Schaffeld who sat in judgement of "Senior Projects" for 4 hours on Friday afternoon! What a team, and don't forget these service hours, PR.

Speaking of parades....

the 2007 "Let It Snow" Christmas parade will be on December 1. Chief organizer Jim "I'll can do it" Coltrin

has called for a brief meeting after Friday's meeting to discuss the float. No meeting planned for Nov. 23 (day after Thanksgiving)...so be at this one and HELP.

Did you Know?...............Every member of the Fort Oglethorpe Kiwanis Club is on the Parade Committee?

Coltrin's secret for the winning float? Lots o Lights!

Special Guest speaker was our own Mike Taylor. He is the Chief Development Officer for "Why Know". Another powerful Kiwanian...the power to help our community.

Parade Saturday December 1


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