Dwight Watt Internet Article #28

#28 - The Hills 7/7/1999

From June 16 through June 30th I was on a mission trip with Rick Bonfim Ministries. I wrote the following poem there and would like to share it with you.

The Hills

Steep and narrow
Dirty and steeper
Where to step?

Human waste to dodge
Trash all around
On to the top we go

Yards with chickens, dogs and more dogs
Houses with barely a wall
Floors of dirt
We slip,
But regain our traction and go on

Show the shoes
Measure the clothes
Stickers and candy for the kids
Smiles in our heads and hearts forever

Slipping down
Less weight on the back
Paths narrow and dirty
We have walked with Christ today
Clothing his people where the need really is.

Dwight Watt
June 23, 1999


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