How to Qualify

BB Qualifying

Entry in the BB match is limited to youth who:
a. Have completed the Daisy Shooting Education Program or an equivalent course of instruction
b. Are sponsored by an organization with responsible adult leadership such as the Jaycees, 4-H, Boy Scouts, National Guard, American Legion, etc.
c. Are within the age limits. See rules for current age limits
d. Are a member of a team that has qualified as a team in the event.

BB Teams are composed of five regular firing members who represent the same sponsoring organization. Teams may also carry two alternate members whose scores do not count toward the team total score. In the State Championship, sponsoring organizations may enter more than one team. Scores fired in the team match may also be elgible for individual awards.

DNBBGCM Team: If a sponsoring organization has more than one team fire in a State Championship and one of their teams earns an invitation to the DNBBGCM, the sponsoring organization may select shooters from any of their teams in the State Championship to make up the team representing the organization at the DNBBGCM. Only those shooters who have fired in a State Championship may be selected to represent an organization at the DNBBGCM. A shooter must represent the same organization in both the State Championship and the DNBBGCM. The names of each shooter on an DNBBGCM team must appear on a State Championship results bulletin representing the same sponsoring organization; no pickup teams are allowed at the DNBBGCM.

Consecutive Match Exclusion: Individuals who fire as regular members of a team competing in the DNBBGCM are precluded from firing as a regular team member at the State and/or DNBBGCM the following year. This rule assures that new shooters will get a chance to compete.

The BB match is an NRA sanctioned match.

There is also a Champions Match that is open to contestants from last year who do not qualify to shoot at DNBBGCM because of the rule on shooting in consecutive matches. It is open to any shooter from previous year who meets the age rules for DNBBGCM.

For information on state matches contact your local Jaycee chapter, the 4-H, Boy Scouts, etc.