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Experience the antebellum South with The Belles of Charleston
by Steve Brown
ISBN 0-9712521-3-0

Set in Charleston during the years leading up to the
War Between the States, The Belles of Charleston is
a coming-of-age story about four cousins.

Beautiful, spoiled, and petulant, she treats
Charleston as her own private playground,
along with the men who live there.

Alexis' identical twin, cursed
to always do her sister's bidding.

A strong-willed New Englander who marries
into the Belle family and lives with a
cloud over her marriage.

Rachel's husband who, because of his family's
secret past, goes north to find a bride and his future.

The family rogue who attends the
military college of South Carolina and uses
his uniform to seduce every young woman in
Charleston, including his brotheršs wife.

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