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In 1928, young ladies living south of Broad were doing what Charleston girls had done for centuries: waiting to be chosen. But almost overnight the boy-girl equation had been upended by the sheer number of young men arriving to build the first bridge over the Cooper River. Now there was no reason for a belle to accept the first proposal that came along. If they chose to, as many did, young ladies could break off their engagements and go dancing for two years. It would take that long to build the bridge.

And the instrument undermining Charleston society was not all the speakeasies, bordellos, or gambling dens that seemed to have sprung up overnight, but the telephone. Any young man could call, and call at any time, with offers of dining and dancing, not only in Charleston but by taking the ferry across the river to Sullivanís Island where a good time could be had by all.

Even broken-hearted belles could have a second chance at love

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