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Carolina Girls
by Steve Brown
ISBN 0-9712521-7-3

They were Carolina girls, the best in the world, as the song goes, and they came together in the mid-sixties on Pawleys Island, where life began to mold them into the women they would later become. Each summer they would return to Pawleys to renew their friendship.

Kate Youngblood, whose ancestors were from Appalachia, and who, try as she might, could never fit in.

Melanie Durant, a descendant of more than one tobacco baron, with plenty of money to ease her grief and pain.

Bailey Gillespie, named for two competing families in the most powerful county in either Carolina. Her family had a closet full of secrets, one of which would threaten to destroy her family.

And Ginny Belle, because whenever four Carolina girls gather, one of them is always from the Low Country, or claims to be.

The Carolinas in the turbulent sixties, a time as different from the antebellum South as the sixties were different from the modern South of today.

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