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     Charleston's House of Stuart has always had its
share of pirates, blockade runners, and bootleggers—
along with their indomitable women!

     Head of House is James, forced to take over the family
bootlegging business after the sudden death of his father.
     His sister, Sue Ellen, a girl who's too wild even for the
"Sodom and Gomorrah" of South Carolina.
     Brother Jeb, a premier rumrunner with a fleet of
mahogany boats that can outmaneuver and outrun any Coast
Guard cutter.
     Cousin Jimmy, who knows who drinks what in the
seriously dry counties of the Carolina Piedmont.
     Jimmy's wife, Katie, who gets the jump on other reporters
by flying her own plane to cover stories as the national economy
collapses around her.
     And Tessa Stuart, who maintains her piety by faithfully
attending St. Michael's and Ashley Hall—and keeping all of her
suitors at arm's length.

     All descendants of the original James Stuart, who left
Scotland to make his fortune in the New World by sailing the
Spanish Main with Blackbeard the pirate!

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